Shellee Rae

since 1998

I am honored and blessed to hold space for so many, to walk with you through the life-bumps, and to support and guide you in the awakening process, no matter where you think you are in the seeming journey. Many traditions lead people out of the body to a transcendental awakening, which is only half of the truth of who you are. You are wholeness; perfect, powerful, and free. To realize that while acknowledging the limited humanness creates an opening that allows peace and happiness to lead you through life. You already possess everything it takes to wake up. Dropping into the body and feeling into what's here right now is the missing key. Come with me and allow me to assist you in discovering that the you you've been longing for has been here all along.

Please watch for DETAILS of the upcoming monthly offering of live-feed-video Satsang ~ Dropping Illusion

I've written an account of my awakening process in the book Suffering ~ A Path of Awakening. You may also benefit by reading my previously posted Awakening Tips and signing up to receive a new one each month, a free gift to you.

If you would like to explore how we might work together, new clients receive the first 15 minutes of a session at no charge. We can work together one-on-one via Skype, the phone, or sitting together. I also hold workshop intensives across the country where we look deeply into ourselves, illuminating and releasing limiting beliefs, patterns, and unconsciousness.  Awareness is the first step to dissolution.

You may be about to take a life-changing step or simply looking for some gentle guidance. I would be honored to assist you.

Blessings and Love,
~ shellee

"Thank you so much for the powerful session. . .
Whew . . . it kinda blew my mind.
I'd like to do that again. . .

The spirit that comes through you . . .
It's Peace,
It's Love,
It's Connection,
It's Oneness,
. . .
It's Home.

It seems to be the same spirit that comes through me from time to time.
But you seem to have much more consistent/good connection/flow.

:) I'd forgotten what home feels like. :)"
~ Bob N., Ashland, OR


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