Suffering ~
A Path of Awakening

Suffering ~ A Path of Awakening takes the reader on a 39-year journey through Shellee's life, from her childhood years as a victim of sexual abuse, through lengthy addictions to alcohol and drugs, into deep depression, and ultimately to the doors of death. In 1997, a surprise turning point brought her into 12-step recovery, sobriety, and emotional healing. After many encounters with several spiritual paths, teachers, and healing methods, she finally awakened in 2008.

Since that time she has been guiding people in their own awakening process by gently pointing to the Truth of who they are from the depths of her own realization.

This inspiring book is for anyone who has longed for more in their life, has been (or is) lost to their purpose, struggled on different spiritual paths or experienced suffering, abuse or addiction at any level. Shellee's journey is touching lives all over the world.

Listen to Suffering ~ A Path of Awakening
The first chapter, read by the author, can be heard here.

by Bonnie MacGillivray-Blout
Bravo for one of the most amazing and remarkable survival stories. What courage! This book is a true testament to the sheer power, strength and possibility of the human spirit. Incredible. Beautiful.
I read this book in two days as I carried Shellee around with me, in my heart, envisioning her every turn as I turned the pages of her book. I actually felt her heart and her love jump right off the pages. I could not put this book down until it was finished.
What a miraculous journey. If you are in a place of not thinking that anything is possible or that we as humans have limits, this book is for you. After this read I am inspired. I know for sure that not only is anything possible but that I will expect nothing less.
Thank you Shellee Rae for sharing your story with us.

If I Could Change the Past
by Nelda Rae, Florida
If you think this is an eye-opening book, you can't imagine the horror a mother might feel...
Shellee's dad always said I was naive and I was! The last thing - ever - that would have come to my mind was that my husband could have hurt any of our children in any way. When the truth finally surfaced, I was in complete disbelief at first, then the horror as the shattering truth at last came out.
"The man is sick, let's see that he gets help. Can you live with that, Shellee? If he never touches you again?"
Oh, how naive I was! Why I didn't do more for my daughter right then, I don't know. Going back in my mind to that time, and the frame of mind many folks had, "This is a personal problem, something we can work out, something we can heal, something no-one will ever have to know about."
Oh, how naive I was! My husband made so many mistakes (and so did I). When faced with the possibility of everything being revealed (that and his other failures), he just couldn't live with himself.
It has been so hard for all of the family to be a part of this story, but we are so blessed that Shellee has overcome the tragedies and risen to a place that's beyond words! I just can't say enough here.
I love you Shellee and I am so proud of you! Your book is certainly a 'Story of Inspiration' for anyone to read.
- Mom

Add to Your "Must Read" List
by Nick R.
Prepare yourself for the journey of a lifetime. Shellee Rae amazingly makes easy reading of a painful subject.
She openly shares her moving and inspirational story by gently guiding you down her path of recovery and healing.
In your reading, you will come to understand the natural progression of Learning and Growing, and receive incredible insights on Living and Being, as well as on Loving and Forgiveness. You will also learn how slight changes and small actions can have large and lasting impact on your life.
This book is a MUST READ for anyone who wants to turn obstacles into "stepping stones." READ THIS BOOK. You will laugh. You will cry. You will be moved. You will tell your friends to read it, too. But most of all, you will be grateful that this traumatic story has such a happy ending.
Thank you Shellee Rae for being brave enough to share your story.

A True Sharing
by M. Christian
Shellee's courage and determination to continue, to live and heal is awesome. The expressions of her silent inner voice, the longings and hunger to find her real home speak deeply to the heart. The healings, openings, discoveries and rememberings of love are what our hearts are yearning for. For those currently suffering, to whatever extent, Shellee's story shows that real peace and joy is possible for anyone. Thank you Shellee.

Powerful and Honest
by Sean Arnold
Reading Shellee's book was a powerful experience for me. Her honesty and willingness to share so many details of the intensity of suffering she experienced earlier in her life is very admirable, as is her willingness to share so many intimate details of her process of healing and awakening after.
I hope her book reaches many people who have suffered, or are currently suffering, in a similarly intense way. I believe her book has the potential to offer such people hope and an example of, and, therefore, a possible vision for, what is possible.
And what is possible, as she describes so beautifully in her book, is profound healing and transformation. It isn't an easy journey, certainly, but it is possible, and her book is a powerful testament to that truth. So thank you, Shellee, for sharing your being, your experience, and your truth with the world. May your words reach and touch many people!

Profound Recovery and Healing
by Patricia A. Carter
Shellee Rae's book, Suffering ~ A Path of Awakening is powerful healing and enforces how recovery can take place. Wow, I sure did identify with Shellee! Her drinking and drugging and her search for more... Shellee has been through absolute torture and now she is a healer.
She is amazing!!! She has passed on recovery and healing to so many people. I have personally benefited from Shellee's Reiki treatments, with tremendous pain in my heart, and Shellee's healing Reiki has helped me through my journey of recovery and healing!
Thank you, Shellee, for putting your truth out there to help others!!!!!

It Created a Huge Shift for Me
by Greg
The book has provided the very answers to questions I have been asking for the past year...
I intend to share your book with everyone, especially women, in our local SLAA (Sex and Love Addicts Anonymous) 12 Step rooms...
The beauty of it is that it is plain, simple, and down to earth. It created a huge shift for me...
There was something going on beyond the text on the pages. That is the only way I can describe it...
I now know where I fit in. Where Home is.
Take Care and Thank You SO Much for the courage, tenacity, and the love to live the life you lived, and then be willing to put it out there. It is healing others as we speak.